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(1)Tico blade is an ideal tools for removal of compressed asbestos fiber. PTFE gasket & other packing materials from flanges during maintenance. The gland packing is often adversaly-effected because it is not frequently fitted properly, due to edges of the old packing being left at the stuffing box. The Tico of these Extractor Tools has been designed that neither the removal of old packing is simplified. They recommended that Extractor should be purchased in pairs In order to removetrand and worm packing firms screw. The extractor fix into it at opposite point and then byexerting a pull on both extractor tool simultaneously the old packing will come out evently and smoothly. The screw has sharp point enough to fit into hardest packing foiler thing cut further more screw has soild screw and it will not therefore then out under pressure other feature of this out are

(2) Where the screw will go so with rate of the shaft , of extractor , without damages the stuffing box of the shaft the diameter of the cupling dose not diameter of the screw.

(3) There out place of flexible cable are would opposite cable are would opposite direction added the cable not damaged by the screwing action by which the screw is driven or the packing

(4) the extractor are equipped with a specially designed stud screw to suit tapped holes lattern –ring.

Size 1 is intended removing for 3/16” to 1/4” Packing INR. 4682/75 per pairs.

Size 2 is intended removing for 5/16” to 3/8” Packing INR. 4682/75 per pairs.

Size 3 is intended removing for 7/16” to 5/8” Packing INR. 4682/75 per pairs.

Size 4 is intended removing for 3/4” to above packing INR. 4682/75 per pairs.

These Gland packing extractor, tools have been designed by experienced technicians of the world leading specialist manufacturers of packing.


WILCOX Make thread seal compound FS 52 Chemically Resistance Fluorosilicone grease for journal and antifrication bearings. (INR. 1315 /- per tin of 500 gm.) with Telfon

Antifriction and journal bearing exposed to solvents or aggressive chemical in pumps , valves or loading arms. Applied like any other greases by Means of spatula or grease gun. Pack antifrication bearing White Graphte with Teflon / PTFE impregnated for food insulation sealing compound. This grease is a Long-lasting Lubricant will Good Load-Carrying capacity, Suitable for high speeds, resistance ti low and high temperature , solvents and aggressive chemicals, Antifriction Bearing grease resists most solvent, Acids, Chlorides and server chemicals, from 40 C to 450 F prevents galling and corrosion. HCL, H2SO4, Kerosene.

   Wilcox Make stiff packing tools No. 550 made of special tool steel warranted not to break    when removing packing from any type of stuffing Box will withstand the roughest usage INR.   10731/- per set all size-1, 2, 3, 4.

Size 1 : is intended to remove packing size : 3/16” to ¼” INR. 2682/75 per pair.

Size 2 : is intended to remove packing size : 5/16” to 3/8” INR. 2682/75 per pair.

Size 3 : is intended to remove packing size : 7/16” to 5/8” INR. 2682/75 per pair.

Size 4 : ts intended to removing packing size : ¾” to above packing INR. 2682/75 per pair.

Wilcox Make Style 174 packing cutting knife fine B bevelied Blade cuts braided packing, serrated blade cuts mould items. Blade (127 mm) overall (254 mm) INR. 1800/-per

Wilcox Make : Pattern (B) (19) (B) 25 –(B) 24 Boiler gauge glass ring Asbestos wire graphited – mica finish.


     OD  ID    Thick     Rate per No.

     23   16   12mm     INR. 500/- per No.

     29   22   12mm     INR. 550/-- per No. (Seal Packing Boiler Cock)

     28   21   12mm     INR. 535/- per No. (Gland Packing)

     (1) Man Hole Door Packing Sizes : 403 x 303 x21 x 5mm             INR. 2300/- Per No.

     (2) Mud Hole Packing 160 x 130 x 2mm Thick.                             INR. 1800/- Per No.

     (3) Gland Packing for water Gauge OD 28 x ID 18 x L 12.5mm       INR. 588 /- Per No.

     (4) Seat Packing for Water Gauge OD / ID-24 / 10, Thick – 1.6mm INR. 700/- Per No.

  Wilcox Make Flaring Tool Model No. 999 to give uniform flare for Brass, copper and aluminium tube with hardened steel flaring operated by feed screw handle tubing should be marked cleary, Size : 3/16” to 5/8” ( 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16” 3/8” 1/2” and 5/8” ) INR. 20,000/- per set

Flares 3/16” through 5/8” O.D. tubing machined grooves for non slip fit, sliding T-Handle. Tubing flaring tool works quickly and easily to flare the ends of tubing from 3/16” to 5/8” and allows secure coupling of the nut tubing , then place tubing in correct beveled hole on flaring bar and position over copper tubing. Turn handle until desire flare is obtained. Make sure flare is even.

 Care : Lubricated threads with light grade oil



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