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   Wilcox Make Heavy Steam Quality Rubber / PTFE / Viton Rubber Cone for Glass Tube Level     indicator cone (Knight Tube)

1) Steam Quality Rubber Cone for Gauge Glass TubeSize ½” 5/8”      3/4” 7/8” 1”INR. 36/25 INR.49/50 INR. 61/70 INR.72/87 INR. 80/32      (per each No.)

2) PTFE Teflon Cone for Gauge Tube Size 1/2” 5/8” ¾” 7/8” 1”

     INR. 235/- INR. 360/- INR.485/- INR. 610/- INR. 735/- (per each No

3) Viton Coloured Rubber Cone Size ½” 5/8” 3/4” 7/8” 1” INR.125/-

     INR.172/- INR.311/- INR.490 INR.548/75(per each No.)


12.Wilcox make 3/4” Tapper Bush for Boiler Cock Bigger Cock Bigger Type INR. 235/- per each No. Wilcox make 1/2” Tapper Bush for Boiler Cock Smaller size INR. 125/- per each No.


SpindaO for valve plug Tapper3/4'' in SS316 or SS304 INR.3200/-Each



   Wilcox Make Neoprog Asbestos Graphite Compressed Sintereed Non metallic Boiler Level    Durm Cock parallel D Sleeved Cock Packing. (65) DPIN - 6698 (A)

              AB-10         AB-12          AB-18            AB-22           AB-28           AB-40               AB-50

       INR.138/75 per No.    INR.188/75     INR.318/25     INR.397/55     INR.431/75     INR.731/25        INR.856/25

  • For Teflon impregnated Rs. 1000/- extra each No. For High pressure 50 kg/cm2 Boiler Cock sleeves.
  • For pure Teflon INR. 1625/- per extra each no. for submarine.
  • Copper / Brass / S.S Foil graphited 1300/- rate to be added on above rate.



     Wilcox make Gland Packing 45 Cut Ring or Rubber ‘0’ Ring set Cutter MK V.

These set cutter are very useful to get correct radius of circumference of packing rings having 45 angular cut length the end wt. of cutter MKV is 10 kg. IF you cut more or less length of plaited gland packing rope for pumps stuffing box sealing rings , valve seal piston head ring etc. will start leakage very soon resulting in wastage of costly material. To get correct circumference of spilt gland from packing length of purpose shape without removing shaft at pumps or spindless of valve or piston head Engine please use our Wilcox make MK V TOP PACK BOY TYPE MORE CUTTER SET. It saves considerable time to get spilt from rings to gland packing. You can also carry this machine from production department to another for getting spilt from 45 both of gland packing rings correct circumference length for stuffing box for seal. Gland Packing 45 C cut ring gasket cutter MK V


45 Angular of braided gland packing ring for stuffing box. Pumps and Valves seal stop using crudde method for gland packing for pumps and valves. Use for MK V to get angular cut correct length rings.

This new device permits accurate cutting of rings from spiral or flat coil packing, the scale reads directly in terms of shaft sizes, either in inches or in millimeters, to operate , simply set one scale to correspond with cross sectional size of packing set other scale for shaft diameter and cut ring , handles packing size 1/8” (3.2 mm) through 1” (25 mm) and shaft sizes upto 4”(102 mm) avoid delays, cut your own rings and save packing cost.


To set Wilcox Make to pack boy type rope cutter MK V accurately and get perfectly will be cut rings you must know the stuffing box diameter and shaft diameter. Take difference and divided by two this provides the proper packing cross section. For example :- Stuffing box diameter 54mm(2-1/8”) difference 19mm (3/4”) shaft diameter 35mm (1-1/8”) packing cross section 9.5 mm (3/8”)

Step 1 set clearance between the roller by the moving the adjustable roller head on scale (D) the 9.5mm (3/8”) packing cross section. Step 2 moves slide bar on scale and (E) with shaft diameter 35mm (3/8”) (E).




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