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   Wilcox make high Pressure Gauge Glass Tube Part 1. IS 5428 1985 Pattern 585

Wilcox Make high pressure Glass is hard clear and resistant to Acid, Corrosion and the Thermal Shock its low corrosion and Thermal shock its low coefficient of expansion helps to maintain pressure and temboiler e stresses within reasonable but undefined limits.

Size : O.D 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8”, 1” is length 8” , 10”, 12”, 14”, 15”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”, 60”, 72” cib be supplied to any length with both end Steam / P.T.F.E. Impregnated / Viton rubber Cone for gauge glass tube.

WILCOX MAKE Red Remote Fluid for Igema Remote Controlled Water level indicator instrument ( INR. 3800 per Aluminium Bottle of 500 gms.) For Water Tubs, Super Heat Boiler High Temp. pressure . Each Igema remote instrument requires minimum 4 Aluminium Bottles of 500 gms. ( 1 Litre = 4 Bottle of 500 gms. Approx. IN / OPC / 60

WILCOX Make Reliance Eye/Hye ( Vizzene Type) Green remote fluid controlled Water level Eye / Hye Reliance indicator instrument in 165 gms . per Aluminium bottle ( Each Eye/ Hye instrument require 4 Aluminium bottle of 165 gms.) INR. 3248/53 per Aluminium Bottle of 100 ml.

The Sumistos & Wilcox controlled water level indicator transmit respective & indicate the variation of water level in the Durm to the Boiler attendants stand the water in the Boiler sides pressing the Red / Green liquid from ‘A’ into tube ‘B’ produces a higher indicator in spy glass of the indicator when water level drops the deposit condensate keep the condenser filled producing lower indication in the Spy glass of the indicator in the Spy Glass of the indicator. Fluctuation of the water level in the boiler is indicated by red/green indicator fluid respectively in the glass PATT. No. CI/GR. 68500000033.


Red Remote INR.3800 per alluminium bottle of 500 gms.

The Red/Green liquids is essential for this control was not manufactured in our country and was imported from Germany . We are proud to announce that we have been able to manufacture this red/green indicator Liquid which has already tried successfully in many boilers and the experiment have proved it to be good suitable to the imported one. The liquid is specially prepared and suitable for more than 1000 lbs sq. in pressure and will not be effected by boiling water . it can be used :

  • Bobcock Wilcox super heat of capacity 7700 lb/hr. press 2575 lb/hr st temp 5000C
  • Y-100 ( Naval Super heat boiler capacity lb/hr press 700 PSI 5000C
  • Steapular super heat of boiler capacity 9000 lb/sq in at temp 490 F
  • Admirality to these drum boiler ( Naval make in UK working capacity 809 10 lh/hr) pressure 1500 PSI 80 F
  • John Thomas Boiler, Vizzene type green remote fluid/NST . Thomson Boiler capacity 9500 lh/hr press 300 lb/sq. 5550C s
  • Wander BUOR Astrio supper heat boiler capacity 8000-426 lb/sq. it temp 7550C
  • B.H.E.L. BOILER (Trichinapally) Lavcon Remote Level Indicator and other water tube super boiler for their high pressure legma EYE/HYE Reliance distance boiler level indicator respectively we are confident this product will be good boom to the industries because of the high cost of Import. This red/green indicator are manufactured with great difficulty and srequirements and we are sure that you will be satisfied with this is product as if better than the imported one. Please Note Green Remote fluid will not work as lgema instrument. IN/OPC/60 6850 -23

Wilcox Make Reliance Eye/Hye Vizzene type/green Remote fluid in INR. 3048/53 per alluminium bottle of 100 ml.

IN/OPC/60 (N-6850-23)

Wilcox Make Type Mk-VII Remote Boiler Water Level Red Remote Fluid Indicator


Red Remote fluid will not work as Eye-Hye Reliance Instrument.


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