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   Pilot Peacock Make Pattern 1719 hard white Ceracream or Asbestos packingfor saturated    steaminSCH F/7 hard Flexible Rope No. 414-9237657 F/7INSCATH & DIA 6 MTRS. 25.4.MM DIA    1 MTR. ROPE TAPE. Lynx typeDry packing (104) G / Misc / 81 C (DGSb)

The Packing material used in connection with machinery of boilers installations Steel Pipes, H. P. Head and Steam turbine or Hot Surface upto 4000C Asbestos 10000C Ceracream Packing Rope / Tape furnace Door Packing / Boiler Doors / Retorts / Auto claves / Expansion joints / Smelting ovens High temperature insulation. Hard plated Rope & Tape completing cover with (10000C) packing yarn or Cloth on Tape (TAB GPI ) Packing .


     Pilot Peacock Make Dynamic Super Heat Wet Grease Graphited Self Lubricated Pecking PK -     203 Grade I . IS 4687-1995 Dry Synthetic Graphite Coil from Lubricated Sponge action Grade II     packing PK-265 white silicon Tallow lubricated Non Asbestos packing. Cross Selecon Squres /    Round Plaited Gland Packing.

Non Colour Lubricated it contain No Graphite where operation Non Discolaration of Stock where Stainless Steel is on Important as paper Stock,Soaps, Pulps Alcohol, Fresh Drinking Water, Caustic , Dilute Acid and Alkalies digester section, Dry Lubricated Graphited used for gases Cold & Hot Liquid for Boiler Water Feed Rotary Receprocating pumps + Valve Packing Where temperature require Micafinish Bull Dog (114) Packing so we manufacturing where temperature (Asbestos / Ceracream) 4800C & 10000C pressure 450 kg/cm2 in place of Graphite 4800C 10000C gland dry packing & 1500/1000 Wet Lubricant, Graphite Grease Packing Grade I used Dry Lubricant for Valves & Pumps for Hot Water Packing handing Non Stainl Bale Packing.

    .A) Indian Standard Is 2742 (Part I : 1994) Automotive Vehicles Braks Linings, Non-Rubberings Part - I Width + Thickness + length Wovew Lining Flexible Inlurval Lining Mark with wovew fabric as a 3A88 2E May be rigid or flexible Non Metallic | Metallic.

3.4 RIGID LINING = Lining witica is formed is fit a specific brake drum diamever Metallic | Non Metallic caf or now Associators busitors disc.

3.5 FLEXIBLE LINING = Lining which is adaptable to brake drums of different diametes Metallic | Non Metallic caf or now associators flexible width x length x thickness.


   Pilot Peacock Make steamer light house type Hydraulic packing No. 863 stern gland packing Brine water steam & rubber post Mica Tallow Yellow Packing. Flax packing PK-13(Scmi 123) beldam Metalic White Metal (Non Asbestos Peacking) (remi Flex 4510)

Manufactured from carefully choosed Vegatable fiber which treated with a special Mica lubricant before process of Plainted is commenced light house type packing is provide though out producing a stone for water steam whiches. Rubber ship short post Hydraculic Services Receiprocation / rotary pump gland working with fresh or sea water also suitable for the sealing of Valve rise pressure of 40 kg/cm2. Tempreature 140 C India Navy Hydraulic Packing is 5414 / (1969) (2222). Stern white Metalic (Lead / Wire) for reinforced plaited braided packing high pressure lubricated table 74 / (TBA 30) DGS 200 No. 1003 . 5330-066217 – 006251-9.5 to 31.8 mmsq. (2310


   Pilot Peacock Make Non Asbestos Flex Packing steamer beverage packing Pattern No. 301 651 (73) DGS 200 for water steam and rubber post glands, pumps, etc. India Navy In sch H/6 (For Ship) Packing Hydrulic 2310 Hemp / Rope packing Flax Graphite Black Packing. Is 5414-1969 Is 5176-1985 Dry Hemp / Flex Non Asbestos packing.

BEAVERS Packing is plainted through on the solid plaint principal a construction which combine maximum flexible with strength it is manufactured from finished quality. Tallon before plainting each stand of yarn so thoroughly impregnated with 5 to 15% graphite ludricant which when subject to water pressure is capable for resistant attribution and penetration sea water standing stamp of mineral grease not less 25%. This packing can be used on high pressure hydraulic pumps for GUN mouting furnace fuel oil Temp. 150 C pumps is temperature upto pressure 35 kg/cm2.(5330-6222) INDIAN NAVY H/6 (TBA 90 (2300) GARLOK STYLE 392 Shaft ( CHESTERATON – 87-81).


   A) Pilot Peacock Make Tartan Greasey Cotton / Pattern 47 / 76.

Pilot Peacock Make Tartan Greasey Cotton / Pattern 47 / 76 white / Silicon Tallow Lubricated Non Stainable packing 46 Pattern in SCH H/5 used for Cold Fresh Drinking Water Food Grade Milk / Oil Non Asbestos Vegetable Packing for Pumps & Values having Rotating Receiprocating System Seal.  
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