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    Pilot Peacock make Style 289 – 290 Non Asbestos Ceracream AMI Packing Brass / SS     rainforced .

Pilot Peacock make 289 – 290 ceramic gasket tapes Asbestos / Ceramic Gasket Tapes serve a useful purpose in functioning as a high pressure steam Gasketing material typical installations are the doors or Covers of heaters vulcanizers ketties cylinders heads and reports they will withstand the wear and abrasion where steam doors mist be opened many times daily.

Style 289 is manufactured from ceramic cloth coated with a heat resisting rubber compound which is white in colour.


    Style 290 is manufactured from Brass or SS Wire Insetered Non Asbestos Tape

Asbestos / Ceracream cloth Coated with a heat resisting rubber I.S. 5192/69 Compound also White in colour Pilot Peacock make Gasket Tape is furished in any width and thickness . F/13 (a) brass wire lubricating Eaiser bolting 100 Ft. long -1/16” to 1/8” thickness width ½” to6” & ¼” thickness in 50 Ft. long.

Services : To 58 Kg./cm2 on cookers autociaves vulcanizers groove flanges and floor Gasketing against steam air gas oil creosote and mild alkalies for temperature 3000C or 10000C Ceracream.


    Pilot beldamite jointing 180 Non Asbestos Packing GASKET SHAPE.

Pilot beldamite jointing 180 size : 1 Mtr x 1 Mtr x 0.5 M M to 6.5 MM thickness . Rubber synthetic compound which i reinforced Brasswire / S.S. wire hot worknised and soon after fritting heat must be applied to complete the worknisation process during use of material thus processing expansion joints must be followed up during first application of heat max. temoeratures 9000C pressure ; 65 Kg / Cm2 Minimum / High Pressure steam joints where flanges or mating face are in per conditions.

    Pilot peacock Make Braided Packing having pattern No. 745

Fluoropolymer Fiber as its base and having edges of Polythick yarn because of the compound in petrochemical industries DMT. Tempreature 2000C to 2600C Pressure : 500 Bar (Oil) Flange / Centrifingal Shafts mixer and Agitators Motter Alkali Metal Valves & Pumps Seals

    Pilot Peacock (1022) white Asbestos or Non Asbestos / Ceracream Packing / Flexble braided     packing PTFE Imprignated pattern No. 808 packing for ships For ships for high speed 1722     chesterton type Universal Packing (Oil Seal Packing) (Tape). Lid Pack 1212 / 1225

Use for Rotary and Receiprocating Pumps against alkalies most acid above pH and many other chemicals including Oil and solvents constructed from Non Asbestos yarn being bradied .This packing dose not condaminate the process fluid and therefore be used food for stuff / paper / fertilizer /refinery / ship solvent and oxygen services / causite / postas / soda / lime / amoina suplhinde / oxygen alkalies multipurpose medium high pressure service. It can be used in valves and pump with surface speed upto 1500-1750 ft/min its working temperature range from 500C to 3150C 10000C (TBA 23D, TBA 231) also gives excellent services against hot or cold water oil and gases suitable for use with tainless steel or chromium plaited saft . Pilot Peacock 1027 white bull dog –F 226 type. Extra mineral oil for high speed applicant 100 kg /cm pressure Temp 3150C / 10000C (1400) (1094 / 1099) Speeds 15 M/s. Recomanded for Svern Shaft , Tubes , Rudder Part large reel Shafter / Oil tanker lid / Oil Packing for Lid.


    Pilot Peacock Make ultra I & T Yarn containing molymedium Non Asbestos Packing disulfide     graphite with Teflon impregnation pattern No. 3337 (Garlock Type 8900)s (Black Jet Style 102)     36 (103) 80% PTFE + 20% Graphite. (Che-370) CERAMIC GRAPHITED 1000 Ct

Pilot Peacock Make : Sealing material Packing : TBA Type 1065 Application : Pertrochemicals , Breweries, Chemicals, paper Pulp. Description : A high quality Packing made from lubricated and graphite impregnated PTFE yarn. Braided Packing make from Ultra I & T With its excellent flexibility this improved wear life means loss equipment down time it is used in approves pigment slurry pumps and value handing not discharged water containing flue as a large duest other abrasive of particulars use on svere agitators shaft boiler feed pumps with shaft exposure standards application such as a waste oils solvents steam paper Mills stock server acid or alkali condition employed is cleanfluid of abrasives or centrifugal reciprocating pumps mistures agitator origin value to expansion joints P.T.F.E Standard have low Coefficient of friction P.T.F.E. increase lubriemains active during life of packing Graphited speed through P.T.F.E. increase lubrication range and transfer heat from shaft to stuffing box 80 C -400 C pressure 65 kg./cm2 speed 20mm/sec 1400 36 5000 P.S.I. Oillite Packing. (TBA 1065) (Universal Packing) (201)
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