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    Pilot Peacock Make Style 110 G Non Asbestos Packing for Petro Chemical Pump valve Seal

A Flexible Metallic packing of crinkled and folded thin Ribbons of aluminium Foil Thoroughly Lubricated with oil and Graphite the core is of soft dry Greased wet Non Asbestos / Hemp grain graphited Glasses Fiber especially adaptable for use Graphite the core is Soft dry Greased wet Non Asbestos / Hemp grain graphited Glasses Fiber especially adaptable for use as end rings with oil and Graphite the core is of soft dry Greased wet Non Asbestos / Hemp grain graphited Glasses Fibre especially adaptable for use as end rings with any of the super seal plastic peacking styles.

Services : Centrifugal pumps handing crude Oil distillates water and salt water. Used as end rings in conjuction with softer material as pressure barrier and Anti-Extrusion Ring , distilles , reciprocating & rotary value Manufacturing (148 Metaflex “L” Type)

Tempreture : 540 C Ace Silver type Ceramic for Hydro Carbon Packing pH Range 4 to 10

   Pilot Peacock Make Brided Graphite Filament Style : 1625 G 200 A Reduce Shaft wear resists    many strong chemicals. Graphite finished dry lubricated.


    ( A) Pilot Peacock Make AP 1 Metalic Ring joint Gaskest.   

Metalic Ring joint Gaskets designed to comply with ring joint flange facing to ASA B 16, 5, B16, 20 AP1, 6B and 1560 and are used prinicipally in the oil and petroleum Industrial and for Liquid Oxygen Service, the Gasket may be oval or Octagonal in cross section and machined from one of the following materials :

Soft Iron, Low Carbon Steel Stainless Steel, this design of Gasket may often be the only Soloution for high Temperature and High Pressure services. It also Provide an excellent mechanical joint pressure 20000 P.S.I.


   B) IBEX Spiral wound Gasket 162 for High Pressure


    (a) Pilot Peacock Make : 464 pattern garlock 5898-5900 type pure PTFE filament PTFE yarn      packing with PTFE impregnated. Continuous filament PTFE yarn packing for PETRO     CHEMICALRESISTING PUPMS AND VALUES

universal Packing 200% / Non Asbestos Packing PTFE 100% Superior Leakage Control Packing (3410- Pilot Peacock Boldam Type in gases and liquied oxygen service one .Acid and alkalics is slurry services use for reciprocation tools, ramsplungers agitation check in needle value steam and safety injection system value acidic / alkalik mining conditions to length centrifugal and rotary food processing equipment pumps, dryan bleaders mixture and cooker temp. 2800C .Chestorton type 1725 food process packing /TBA 26D-26 Oxygen services. 5000 P.S.I. simplify sq.10 m/s (3) (9) (3000C) (Moltas Alkali)


   (b) Pilot Peacock Make : Style 325 Process Gasket Tape roll an a gasket. Shape and cut to any    diameter flange. Rope Hollow flexible Plaited pure 100 % PTFE / 100 % Ceramic on hollow    pipe flexible Tape. INR. 5000 / INR. 3000 PER KG.

Pilot Peacock Make : Style 325 Food Process Gasket Hollow tape roll on a gasket Shape and cut to any diameter flange. Hollow Rope Pure 100 % PTFE / 100 % Ceracream (10000C)

Size MMI.D.&O.D
Approx Weight Kg. Per 100Mtr.
Quality Ref.
Size MM
Approx Weight Kg.Per 100Mtr.
K-16 16*22 15 K-25 25*44 35
K-19 19*32 25 K-38 38*50 45



. Pilot Peacock make Style 382 INR. 7000/- Per Kg. 10000C 280 C PTFE graphited graphite packing   PTFE Ceramic

Pilot Peacock make Style 382 is made of tough braided PTFE / Ceramic materials treated with special lubricants making it suitable for use with glass Karbate FRP or Metal flanges where low flange pressure and flange irregularities require easy compression of the gasket can be used on all Chemicals.

The maximum Tempreture / pressure combination is 200 PSIG ( 14 Kg./Cm2) 2000C

10000C Vaccum to 28” HG is permissible.

Services : Forms an enless seal for any diameters flange on reactor vessels tank cover domes etc. for Acid / Alkali slurry Pumps & Valves packing.

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