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   Pilot peacock Make : Asbestos / Non Asbestos Ceracream Red / Blue / White Indurated Fiber    compound Pattern 7310

Pilot Peacock Make : Asbestos / Non Asbestos Creacream Red Indurated (137) (138) varnis with fiber compound Asbestos Red Indurated fiber compound valcanissing compound mixed for self moulding for steam cold seal in pumps or Non Asbestos Creacream and value Boiler coks compound. INR.350/- or

INR. 1350/- per 500 grm. Tin (7310) (R) 1720 (B) Blue non moudable (C) Black graphite INR.250/- INR.1250/- per Tin of 500 gm. Each

M-2 Pilot Peacock Make Pattern No. 1700 wear worn Non-Metalic Asbestos fiber packing INR. 480/- INR. 1480/- per tin of 500 gms. Each.(Small glends and grooves in water cocks) / Ceracream Non Asbestos.

M-2 Pilot Peacock Make pattern No. Bold (1280) / (1275) 1710 wear worn Metallic Graphite Boose, Ball Asbestos / Ceracream fiber packing INR. 775/

INR.1775/- per tin of 500 gm. Each. (540 C)

M-3 White asbestos Ceracream Non Asbestos fiber soft packing INR.300/-

INR.1300/- per tin of 500 gms. Mica base P.T.F.E. vet lubricated.

    Pilot Peacock Make Asbestos (300 C) / Ceracream (1000 C) / Soft Larring Rope Net wear Ceracream yarn soft in 30 Mtr Cost From 430-431 Respectively. Soft Lagging rope provides efficient method of heat insulation. Rope tape soft can be used as the formulation for a top coat of insulation composition and chulking application of upper pipe UNVESSELS IMMPLATION FOR HEAT OR CLOD.

For External steam Clod Insulation Asbestos 350 C / Ceramic 1000 C/ Soft lagging / Belt or ROPE WITH NET YARN OR CLOTH / CERACREAM WEAVE on top for 30 mtrs. Coil (pattern 430-432) Rate as follows.

12mm dia /-
16mm dia/-
19mm dia
22mm dia

25mm dia/-

INR. 2012/50
INR. 2925/-
INR. 3800/-
INR. 4250/-
INR. 9250/-
INR. 10375/-


32mm dia/-
38 mm dial/-
45 mm dia/-
50 mm dia/-
INR. 53500/-
INR. 57250/-

Pilot Peacock Make Asbestos / Non Asbestos Ceramic / Soft Lagging Rope / Soft tape belt in 30 Mtr. Cost From Pattern 430-432 Respectively . Soft Lagging Rope Provides or Belt Efficient method of heat Insulation External Soft Rope / Tape can be used as the Formulation for a top coat of Insulation com position and chulking application.

PROPERTIES : Resisting for temperature up to 3000C / 10000C / Respectively. Resistance to steam super heated steam Resistance to acids. Alkalis oil solvent and rust chemical Lightweight Low Thermal Conductivity . Resistant with good Space filling qualities will not decompose not be affected by Fungi bacteria.

Soft Flat Insulation Lagging Belt.

   New Development for Amonia Compressor pump packing rope and rings for Urea Amonia    Plant Maintenance Worthington pumps packing P.T.F.E. impregnated silk or Rayon /    creacream packing pattern No. 422 pilot Peacock make Iycora dry lubricated rayon silk    packing No. 422 crane 72 type. Kerosin receiprocating / roteting for High pressure 1000 C    pumps packing.

Pump with Garenular Ice Cold water & Viscous fluide. This is manufactured by from specially treated Rayon impregnated with water resisting lubricated recommended for values. Slightly Joint to on maints chiefly employed and slow moving receiprocating application as hydraulic accumulate hosist it has also provided very efficient on Amonia Compressor. Ceracream purry renny Acid / Allacail / Sulphet pupms temp. 10000C

   Pilot Peacock Make Style 100 Non Asbestos Ceracream / Hemp CoreGraphite groove    lubricating packing

Style 100 is a Flexible all metallic packing made by spire wrapping move (1464) Meta flex oil cargo type Boiler Fuel thin Ribbons of Shoft Babbil Foil layer this construction is squred to the required size each layer of foil is thoroughly lubricated with oil and graphite under compression the packing forms a pressure

Barrier and provides a perfact seal.

Style 100 is recommended only for rods and shafts in good condition running in perfact alignment and without vibration.

Service : Air compressor centrifugal rotary (permits compressibility) (ACC Silver Packing) oil pumps high pressure centrifugal water and hydraulic pumps line pumps steam turbine shafts value steamand similar equipment and fire fighting pump.

Tempreture : 260 C pH range 4 to 10

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