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    Pilot Peacock Make : Compensator Cloth Assebmle 430 mm wide to withstandTemperature     upto 1200 C with three piles of Asbestos / Fiber Glass / Ceramic with Teflon ply off 0.5 mm much below the top ply, to be painted both ends having 50 mm wide additional stripplybelow the top ply, purpose,INR. 48800/- INR. 68000/- INR. 72000/- per Roll of 10 mts. Width 500 mm with thickness respectively.

Pilot Peacock make the tailored Compensator Qualities : High Flexibility resistance of Corrosion, Tempreature resistance upto 10000C Absorption of Vibration, Noise Suppressions , Minimal reactive forces

Expans joint Asbestos or Ceramic / Fiber Glass as the concept of more power Generation at Pulp & Paper Mills expands it follows that more Hot-Gas duct Flexible joint are needed. Offers a full line of joint designed to solve the problem caused by Noise, Vibration or Thermal Expansion of Ducts, Long a supplier to the power generation Industry, Expansion joint are widely used on Blowers, Fans, Boilers and Pollution control equipment is also a world leader in designing and product expansion joint for turbine Exhaust Systems.RubberCompensator cloth foil so we offer above with temperature and pressure compressure ceracream Boiler Exhaust Flue Gasses.

    Pilot Peacock Make Ceracream Cloth & Tape temperature (10000C)

Pilot Peacock make Ceracream Cloth & Tape high temperature (1000 C) Rope & Textiles to handle those Hot Gas Sealing problems in the power house and provide Fire protaction around the pulp or paper mill offer Tough , Ceracream B.H.E.L TP 21597 Cloth for Welding Blankets and Gasketing and Unique Fibreglass or Refractory Rope Groove Packing for Furnace Doors and high temperature Caulking

Pilot peacock Make Asbestos / Ceramic ( Non –Asbestos) Ceramic Suit Complete Set.

  • Pilot peacock Make 3000C Asbestos / 10000C Non Asbestos Ceramic Suit Complete

           INR. 30000/- per Set INR. 40000/- per set as per Photo.

  • Pilot peacock Make : Leather Lining Asbestos / Ceramic / Hand Gloves INR.600/-per No. INR. 2600/- per no all sizes.
  • Pilot Peacock Make : Asbestos / Blanket / Ceramic Brass With eyelets

         7 mtr. x 2 mtr . x 5 mm INR. 29289/29, INR. 53282/29 per No.


. Pilot Wildlands firefighting Wildlands Firefighters find globe’s verstile Dresses as per photo.

Pilot Widlands firefighting Wildlands Firefighters find globe’s verstile 2-piece ceramic garment Ideal, 2 Roomy Shirt Pockets , Stainless Steeel Snaps on Pocket Flap, Coat Front & Cuffs, Large Expandable Tousers pockets. Elasticized Waist, Adjustable take up Snaps on Cuffs, Colour; Visibility; Silver Size; Small shirt Chest 34-36 Collar 14-14. ½ Trousers (Order No. 6060) ( Elasticized Waist) 28-30 Medium 38-40. Collar; 15-15 . ½ Trousers 32-34, Large Large 42-44 Collar 16-16 . ½ Trousers; 36-38 X-Large ( Extra CGH) 46-48 Collar 17-17.1/2 Trousers 40-42, XX- Large ( Extra CHG ) 50-52 Collar 18-18. ½ Trousers 44-46. Inseams; 30 L = Regular 32” L=Long 1” Scotchilte . Trim available around Cuffs

         INR. 30,000/- per set Non Asbestos 10000C Ceracream.

         INR. 20,000/- per set Asbestos 3000C Creacream

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