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.   Fine Serpent ‘C’ Packing (80) for Brine / Ammonia

Fine Serpent ‘C’ Packing (80) for Brine / Ammonia Packing Hydraulic Cotton Profed with an Oil & Water resisting Synthetic Compound Valkansied Flexible 82/83 Lip Section / CRP / U Ring (134) Graphite Dry Lubricant Packing Ammoina / (140) Refregeration for a Large amount of Redical Expansional under the minimum Gland Pressure Ideal where the Roads are both or Misalligement Receiprocating Compressor Piston Cooling Elbow water Hydraulic Packing Temp. 1250C & Pressure 40 kg / Cm2 (777) (789) Spiral Serpent ‘C’ packing receiprocating compressors.Piston

Colling Elbow Glands ,Refrigeration Machinery Packing, Cylinder Jhack Expansion , Glands Ammonia, Brine, Hydraulic Pecking.


    C) Cotton Mica Dry / Wet Grased Lubricated Hydraulic Gland Packing (376)

Cotton Mica Dry / Wet Grased Lubricated Hydraulic Gland Packing (376) IS 4688-1968 for Pumps & Valves Seal.


     Pilot Peacock Make : Rod and Value steam packing Chesterton style Type 150 Power plant packing Pattern 344 Sealing Material TBA -300 Mica inconnal for in Iconnel wire Type Pilot Value Pack 1300. Ceracream non asbestos packing. Is 4687 1995 Type III

Pilot Peacock Make : Sealing material packing express Range , Product TBA 500. Type applications: Chemicals, Petrochemical, nuclear power generator, Process Industry , Description : Fortex Yarn Ceracream based packing impregnated with graphite and reinforced with inconel wire chloride iron content less than 100 ppm Operating temp, limit 750C to 7000C 10000C Maximum pressure 21 (MPa). Maximum surface speed (m/s.) Pilot Peacock Make Sealing material Packing express range. Product TBA type 300 Mica. Application : power process, Refineries, chemicals, petro chemicals, general purpose high temperature use Description Asbestos packing. Refinforced with inconnel monel wire packing impregnated with an impermeable barrier coasting. Operation temp. limits 750C to 6800C / 10000C Maximum pressure 21 1000 PSI (MPa) Maximum surface speed (m/s.) (Pilot valve pack 1300) 7000C 10000C.

For high temperature and pressure value application , SERVICE All range of temperature superheated or atueated steam value steam to 7000C for turbines, general valving expansion joints automation tube blowers high temperature slide valves, low speed shafts on congealing fluids. Press 250 bars or Ceracream Non asbestos.


    Pilot Peacock Make : Valves seal Packing – Type No. 454 SS Graphited Asbestos / Ceracream (1960) Finish Atomic Thermal IS 4787 : 1988 (1916) Ceracream type . IS 4687 (1991) Type III .

For value service upto 5500C / 10000C style 1216, 250 Kg./cm2 45455 A superior braided packing manufactured from high grade Asbestos Cream Yarn packing rope reinforced with stainless steel wire it is treated a small percentage of high temp. resisting MOS2 graphite flake dry lubricated mica finish mineral grade and will oil resisting compound it is an ideal choice for extermels high tem. and is suitable with steam but one produce gas of oil vapour and furnace air oil etc. (MOS2) redees shaft wear because fabric to metal contact year embodies very high lubrication quantition tensicausing adhering to metal shaft services temp. butane product gasses oil vapour furnace Oblique but ring we also manufacturing OD. ID. HT waved (1933-19600).


   Pilot Peacock Make (Bison Packing 18) (Compain Packing) : white metal steam gland packing No. 60 Bel. Grade type Ceracream (10000C) / Non Asbestos packing Serpent Dry Lubricant ‘AA’ type Lead. IN / TC / 5. IS 4687 – 1995.

(Bison packing 18) (Compain Packing) where heavy vibration several jointing Dry Lubricant packing (600 A) (778 Metalic Type III) Dry Wet Lubricated and graphited Asbestos plainted cover on throughout from high quality asbestos yarn accurable with antifriction. White lead wire metal to provide on low friction surface use on steam expansion gland Marine Engines Compressor Pumps and hosists. SERVICE For rotary shaft and receiprocation rods heavy duty and for a steam service upto 10000C Temp. 75 kg/Cm2 . Pilot Peacock make improved serpent “AA” plaited braided with anitifriction white metal ceramic or Asbestos bonded Graphite heat resisting Black compound in spring from, max temp. 10000C / 3000C pressure 100 Bar. Application Reciprocating Rods , Piston and Valve Rods, Bilge Cargo, Feed and Pumps Auxillary steam plant pumps Compressures, Winches & Hoists stop Valve packing spaces expansion gland the soft bearing metal will adjust itself to any slight misalignment. Table 75 Coil from DGS 2000 No. 1011 – 5330 – 6240 : 4.8 mm to 2.5 mm sq. Dry Lubricating 0414 / 7608 to 7610 923 to 718


 Pilot Ply building Type pk 6 self lubricants Asbestos / Ceracream steam metallic packing (Lomot type petrochemical application solvent presser Bull Dog Dry packing (27)/22 expansion gland & brass dry graphite for ships (Brass) (In SCH F/16 Mica finish). IS 4657 : 1995 as phalt 5272.

Asbestos plainted packing of cover construction full impregnated before braided with a special high flash points lubricant. This packing is supplied with soft brass wire which gives it greater mechanical strength and quality uniformly dispersed the fire graphite fix it will not promote wear of rods of reasiliancyss and soft bidding properties are great valves worn because hard the moving manner is slity worn on scord application against oil grease water week alkalies and made chemicals abrasive Viscose liquid etc. temp. 5000C to 10000C (1300) Foil packing and pressure 80 kg/cm2 (1513) (1500) Garlok Type) Bull dog type packing Twist.

Pilot Peacock Make Asbestos Ceracream Gland Packing Ring, Graphited and Reinforece copper wire , with an oblique cut Ring Packing.

Rotary Reciprocating static staturated super heated hot water hot air and gases. Static / Nynormic application. Piston rods and value rods of IS 10330-1982 Bull Dog 5 mm/sq Obilge cut packing pumps rings packing (Ring for stuffing Box) winches and stop valve packing spaces steam expansion glands full day. Which comes it greater mechanical strength and aids dissifation, sealing doors (Excels) or type packing (600).

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