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Unit No. 135, 1 st floor,Adarsh Ind Estate, Sahar Road, Andheri(E), Mumbai-400099, India

Telefax ; 022-66921327 Tel : +91-22-65239041 Resi : +91-22-65239041 . Mobile : +91-9819183033

E-mail : girish@Wilcoxindia.com, E-mail : girishparekh48@hotmail.com, E-mail : girishparekh48@gmail.com

Website : www.wilcoxindia.com

IEC NO. 0391143611, PAN NO : AAGPP077Q, A/C NO - 30059833872, Prefix No : 0438200023.

VAT TIN No. 27680541028V w.e.f.Dt.08/06/206 CST TIN No. 27680541028C w.e.f. Dt. 08/06/06

Our Bankers Address : STATE BANK OF INDIA , IFS Code : SBIN0000515, Vile Parle, Irla road(W), Mumbai-56. India ,

Pilot Peacock Make Packing, Rope-Tape-Cloth Sealing Materials

Non Asbestos / Ceramic / Carbon / Graphite / Fibre Glass / Hemb Asbestos Yarn Brass/ Copper Inconel / Stainless Steel / Lead / Wire Reinforced Yarn / Soft / Hard Lagging Rope Tape / Self Adhesive Coated Cloth – Tape For Steam / Oil / Acid / Alkali / Water / Cotton/ Hemp/ Disc / Pipe Line Insulation. Metalic Foil & Gland Packing Rope & Split From Moulded Rings For Pumps & Valves Seal / Friction Lining / Bush / Block Rayon P.T.F.E.

Please Handover Special Technical Data for your Operation Maintenance Instrumentation / Repair Work Shop For Valves - Pumps – Engine /Compressor / Workshop / Boiler / Turbine / Coal Handling / Power House / Fabrication / Assemble / Design / project Planning Construction Department - Chief Engineer / Executive Engineer / Material Manager Purchase & Store Superintendent.

1) Registration as a Small Scale Industrial Unit No. 11/07/17391/PMT/SSI dtd.26-12-80

   2) Nation Small Scale Industries Corporation N.S.I.C / GPB/ RS/ A-355/12/M.H.


 A.     Pilot Peacock Make : Webbing & Ladder Tape Non Asbestos / Ceramic / Graphite pure PTFE &        Asbestos PTFE/ Impregnated, Pattern 289,290,292 with one or two side sticker adhesive tape at so we         manufacture with or without wire reinforced brass or stainless brass or stainless steel or stainless        steel or inconnel wire type is suitable for termal insulation steam/cold exhaust pipes seals joints.

Ladder type is particulars suitable for use on Boiler flanges where the runigs of the type can be located over the strides or bolts, suitable for tapes 3000C / 12500C per stream to stream / Cold / Hot / acids, alkalis, oil, chemicals, solutions low thermal insulations size: any width X thickness. Qty. No. flexible sleeves of pipes of / Asbestos / Ceramic / Fibre Glass / Teflon / Carbon Graphite / Rubberised Wire Wooven reined forced IN/TC/23 webbing tape.Asbestos free ceramic tape Width X thickness X long in mtrs. No G / 81C / DGS 2864 IN / TC /23/0414(E29) / 924-554 & 924-5543.

   Pilot Peacock Make Style 140 Non Asbestos Gasket Sheets

Vegetable fibre sheet stype 140 is a vegetable fibre sheet , ten in colour chemically treated impervious to Gasoline, Oil, Grease, Coal Tar and Water Highly flexible sheet with great resiliency, adaptable uneven flanges (1000C) for gasketing to 212 F (10000C).

Size Sheet : 3ft X 3ft X 0.4 mm to 6.4 mm thickness

    Pilot Peacock Make Style 2000 Non Asbestos Gasket Sheets

PTFE Sheet Style 2000, PTFE Sheet, PTFE resist the severest of Chemical Washers, Mechanical Components Gaskets (2600C) to (3150C)

Size: 2ft X 2ft X 0.4 mm to 9.5 mm thickness expanded PTFE.

     Pilot Peacock Make Styles 120, 122-NN Non Asbestos Gasket Sheets

Duaogragn Sheet rubber to seal the fabric against fluid penetration. Fabric insertion. Strength should be combined with flexibility, Style 120 general service diaphragm sheet for steam,water and gas applications used on regulators and reducing value, cover is strong flexible rubber with Heavy duck Fabric, with SS or Brass Wire In EXTAINED STYLE 122 designed for Oil Solvent and pressure Super-Quality Diaphragm Sheet Oil Resisting neoprene fabric ceracream steam direct exposure of the fabric insert 9000C Steam pressure 300 Kg/Cm2, Gas, Air, Oil, Water, Solvents on regulators diaphragm motors. Reducing Valves and fuel pumps.

Size : 1mtr X 1 mtr X 1.6 mm thickness.

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