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Wilcox Make Solid Metal Ring SS 316 or 304 Gasket Pattern 233

Used for high pressure and temperature where corrosive agents are present are used in regfining prose of Oils & Chemical Industries cross section of Gasket ring octogenal 1500 Kg/Cm2 temperature 10000C as your drawing & dimention.


Wilcox Make Boiler sealing compound in SCH IN/OPC/26 Pattern No. 0474/E/8/224 2452 INR.5000/- per drum of 20 Ltr.

Wilcox make Fire brick water proffing compound used for giving a water proffing coating on fire bricks boiler structure of furnace to all prior to water washing which is done periodically to remove the loose carbon deposites from the external surface of the water tubes is unnessary become of the reason that moisture seeps into the structure as a result it form well cracks in the structure when the boiler is fired.


Wilcox Make finest 100% pure PTFE /Teflon Powder 2000/- per kg


Wilcox Make Metal Jacketed Gasket ring Pattern 252

Filler of Graphite / P.T.F.E. / Fibre Glass / Ceramic / Caf easily compressible with toughening loads lower them thise reequierd for SS 316 or SS 304 Stainless Steel metallic gaskets sealing of heat exchanger, value cover autoclaves manhole corrangated double jacketed/plam Metal jacketed Gaskets / Double jacketed cover both odges and both faces of the filler ceramic / simple jacketed fibre glass gaskets as per your drawing and dinemation.


Wilcox Make (99) pressure collex liquid packing in tin of 900 grms. INR. 2000/- per tin 900 gm

Wilcox Make collex liquid paking 900 grms. Hard setting liquid joints packing need in flange joints gasket at room temp. within 2/3 hours reach temp. 1000 C and pressure 180 kg/cm2 resisting all petroleum products and oil steam and water. Pipe joint compound thick black solvent based paste sealent for thread fittings solve hydrolic fluids.


Pilot Peacock Make Asbestos tissue belt with course insert and cover from a fire tissue without and bonding agent chemically pure size 50 x 7 mm for 10000C as per your width & Thickness & Length & Higher term for oven Bed lining.


Wilcox make pattern 88 Torqseal Compound Paste INR. 1685/ - per tin of 500 gm.

A metal looking liquid form use on Diesal Generator Motor, Vibrator, Where vibration or constant use causes threaded components to work loose. Torqseal will vibration proof band when used on bolts studs and bushes will retain bearings to shafts and is an ideal sealent for joints and couplings on Petrol and oil pipes and Hydraulic systems. One drop of Torqseal will lock a loose nut or fix a loose stud fast is normally firm enough for handing within required using ordinary hand tools.

  Wilcox make Hylomer Universal Blue Polymer Ureathene Base Sealent Type of 100 grams Packing INR. 1700/- per Tube of 200 gms. Packing 6500C Tempreature Resisting

Viscous Homogenous solution of film thin, smooth and uniform on mental surface with a brush materials in 5 / 10 minite for 10 minites after application and shall dry within 20 minites resistances to lubricating oil resistance to motor gasoline tolerance mixture.


Wilcox Make 900 Goldend paste is Non-Corrosive, Non – Toxic Odourless paste that stops leakage thru threads, Teflon particles Vibration – Proof seal doesn’t harden, joints are easilu made and easily opened thus saving fittings for reuse, use in devices, Handling gasoline, Petrolium oil, Natural Gas, Butane or Propan, Paste used on steam salt water, Air Fuels, Refrigerants all Acids, Alkalies and Ammonia, Freon, Propane, Butane and Nitrogen (-240 C + 260 C ) for INR. 1680/- per tin of 500 grams.


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