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Wilcox Make Metalic Film Forming Cera Cream Compound Rs. 1800/- per tin of 500 grams.

 Wilcox Make oil 4LF krytox type VPF 1514 INR. 2700/- per ltr. Wilcox Make Grease Krytox type 8908 INR. 2300/- per Kg.

Lubricants are stable against concentrate and other Oxidisers . They have good resistance properties & are used for static operating condition such as the lubricants of Valve, Systems & Seals operating at high pressure liquid or gascous Oxygen pressure at Tempreture ranging from 400C to 2000C


Wilcox Make Screwlock – Nut Lock Stud / Pipe Sealant / Rating / Bearing Fit / Rotainer High Strength / Hydrulic Sealant / INR. 1800/- per tin of 500gm or 500ml . (Teflon P.T.F.E) PVC Cement with ceramic compound air drying.


Wilcox Make film forming lubrication metal rust-dust protector (INR.10000/- per tin of 5 Ltr.)

A transparent, last drying , thin film corrosion preventative in a non-flammable solvent, components to be stored or shipped such as moulds, dies , machine tools , bearings or any steel components. For optimum results apply by dipping. May also be sprayed or brushed. For increased protection in extremely severe environment apply additional coast. Long term corrosion protection. Compatible with lubricants. Need not be removed before installation transparency permits easy identification of part numbers.


Wilcox Make rust remover pattern 55 INR. 2822/- per tin of 5 Ltr.

Chemically removers rust from Iron and Steel surface in minuts. Brush on rings off with water cold immersion puts cleaners. Soak away heavy varnish carbon and paint in easy to use dip basket.


Wilcox Make fast curring in 5 minuts choroprome rubber lining adhesive for chemical vessel internal lining INR. 1000/- per kg. super whether strip Adhesive compound.


Wilcox make Lubricate Pure Flank Graphite (INR. 188/- per tin of 500 gms.)

These are practically for moving parts where use for graphite will not enable machine to be operated with more efficiency and economy . A small preparation of correct grade of WILCOX make lubricating graphite should therefore be incorporated with the oil grease use on machinery. This graphite oil the minute depression on bearing surface and then reduces wear by cutting down friction WILCOX flake lubrication graphite will not block or clog with oil, hot ,water , black steam ports. Is prepared from specially selected grade graphite with high carbon Counter resisting in product processing maximum lubricating properties specially recommended application where a dry lubrication is prepared.


Wilcox Make 1000 Descalling Solution 30 Liters Drums INR. 7000/- per drum of 30 Ltrs.

Head lock inside your boiler lately you could be in for shock of you are using water untrusted water cause the build up to scale resulting in a progressive loss of system for efficient of boiler the boiler tubes are to be descalled periodically the scales mostly certain and magnesium.

  1. If your boiler tube material 1-15 is steel tube material 1-10.
  2. If scale thick 1-15 mm 3 mm 1-30 mm 4mm 1-461-50mm and above.
  3. Water holding capacity of boiler tank is 1000 tear water holding capacity of boiler tank than do calling solution is 100 litre.


Wilcox Make Chrysolite Asbestos / Cera Cream (Non Asbestos) coarse powder mixture of small fibre of different length Rs. 300/- per kg. used for making flooring slab & tiles fire proof & paints INR. 3300/- per kg. cera cream powder / Mica Base.
30A. Wilcox Make packing (chesterton type) packing lubricant compound Pattern Runa 113 INR. 2800/- per tin of 500 Grams

  • A high temperature, non glazing special lubricant protects shaft & packing during start up break in and normal running operation.
  • Graphite flake particulars provide non migrating lubricant and as a blocking agent.
  • Extreme high pressure, high temperature, Molybedenum disulphide lubricates even when contact pressure between packing and shaft or steam is exicessive prelubricate packing rings for protaction during critical breaking in period.
  • Inject regulary into lantern rings (seal cage) of pupms to fill voids and relubricate worn packings. Services Protects packing pumps Shafts, Sleeves and Valves friction blocks water & other fluids reduces pacxking wear on shafts or sleeves unquick three stages lubricant compound.

Wilcox Make HSC/CU7439/1000 Type Compound / Copper base Lubricant INR.2300/- perkg.
Copper base lubricant antiseize longterm lubricant for components subject high temperature – 30 C to + 1200 C, high pressure, corrosive and seizure solid lubricants for protecting metal surfaces against. Threads, Flanges, Break mechanisms so all exposed to corrosive environments, High temperature in turbines internal combustion engines and valves protected against water, steam fretting corrosion, disk breakes, screw connection does not harden and is resistant, against Hot & Cold water, decrease friction and near enables problem free easy disassembly even fafter long operation periods.
31. Wilcox Make flanged joint Asbestos reinforced metallic spiral gasket SS316 for temp 550 C pressure 120 kg/cm2 (O.D. x I.D. X Thickness requirement.) 162-280 with outer & inner SS 316 or 304 flange metal plate – joints.


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