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   f) Wilcox make Pil Brico Type Pattern No. 555 (AB) high purity dense Castable Hydraulic Insulation Coment Vibrating Casting Calcined diaspore Max service temperature 16000C plastic dry material water required for casting 10% grain size 5mm AL2O3-SiO2fe2O3,Tio2,CaO,Lo1,INR.2500/-per bag of 25 kg.

g) Wilcox make Pil Brico Type Pattern No. 666 (P31) medium dense pill Castable Coment Insulation Hydraulic Vibration Casting Calcium Clay Max. Service Temperature 1500C grain size 5mm Water require for casting 10% AL2O3- SiO2fe2O3,Tio2,CaO,Lo1,INR.2500/-per bag of 25 kg.


 Wilcox Make Boiler tube brushes / self expanding pattern No. 333 spring Steel Quality.

For mechanical descellings of boiler tube Brush sniff pattern specification required by us size of tube range l. D.Tube 1-2/8” to 1-3/4” INR. 4910/30 per No. I.D. tube 1.7/8” to 2.1/2” INR.6036/54 per No. and above. Flexible shaft with Motor & Cutter or brushes INR.62500/- per set.

   Wilcox Make High Temperature Boiler Aluminium Paint 6500C tempreture resining paints Black   Silicon graphited finish Paint M 181 (INR.6536 / 60 per tin of 5 Ltr. Ready mix form. For use as anti cossissive protection on exhaust steam pipe works, Boiler, Furmace, Oven, Chimney, Driers, Kilns, Engines, Mufflers, Siliancers, Burners, Store, Turbine, Condemer, compression oven trays solar absorbers auto claves. In cluberation at all Tempareture upto 6500C coverage of metal surfaces 120 sq.ft. per Ltr. Minimum two coal to be done.

  20. Wicox Make Industrial SS316 or 304 Stainless Steel Fly Back Nozzles with or without Needle with spring loaded On off with IBR certificates We need kg / Hour as per Photo 500 Kg/Hour INR. 15000/- per No. as per Germany / Design for super Heat Boiler Oil Feeder.

 Wilcox Make Manganese Putty No. 297 (INR. 685 Rs. 1300/- per tempreture 10000C pressure 100 kg/ cm2 tin of 500 gms.) Pattern 533-006288 in sch. F13(a)

Thick plastic joining when use in conjuction with sliced joining on worm plated flame. It is also used extensively as a Filling material for corrugated sportage joining gasket. It is water and steam resistant and withstand temperature upto atleast 4000C joint made with Wilcox manganese putty are easily broken when necessary to remove gasket. 0414/2155-923-563

 Wilcox Make improved diamond compound (INR.800/- per tin 500 gms.)

Wilcox make diamond type compound is manufactured from put accurately graded diamond power and evently distributed in chemical base to ensure quick cutting action it is tungsten carbide wire drawing of miscometer watch it is the most economical method for fine grinding lambing polishing of variety of hard metal assist in surface finish problems to improve pressure and to lower cost. It has got self lubricating properties make free abrasive particles and making it suitable for product run.


GREEN     : Recommended finish polish of tungsten carbide dies tools lapphire/Tubs.

   RED          : Removal of lines prepolish of steel medium polish on tungstern carbide.

   BROWN    : Fast removal on steel prepolish on tungsten carbide.

   PURPLE   : Last removal on steel tungsten carbide particularly on deep scratches, wages and nicks.

   BLUE        : Finest polish on steel finishing gasket.

   YELLOW   : Excellent Fast polish on steel general, purpose polishing, prepolish for metal.

   GRAY       : Finest finish on metal-lagraphic specimen on steel

   BLACK      : Repaid stock removal with good stock removal on tungsten carbide enlarging box sleeves of                    tungsten Excellent try or for rough finishing. Remove Barrs, Carbon, Gums.


  Wilcox Make improved new super heat, lubricats G.J Rapid compound (Black) INR.1000/- per tin of 500 grams (BR2 Compound)

Paste prevents galling allows threaded fasteners tube assembled & disassembled easier lubricates threaded fastners reduce friction and increase clamping pressure of the assembly these lubrication solid from a mechanical barrier between the surfaces to minimize metal to metal contact let threads turn soomtly reduce breakaway torgue even after long periods of exposure to steam high temperature. Chemicals and adverse condition Zinc/ Teflon / Silicon / MOS2 / Base / Copper / Lead / Graphite / Mica Compound seals both high temperature 7000C and high pressure 120 kg / cm2 can be used on engines. A manfolds, Oven, Burner connection, valve / Stems / Shading Mechanism, Drill Collers flange connection, Gaskets load carrying capacity prevents stick slip prevent seizure metal to metal contacts & reduce freeting corrosion.  

  Wilcox Make Cork Powder.

Clean soft grade uniformly granulated cork free from lurdioard, wood, dust and offer forogin material. pattarn N0415 - 000 2756 cork granulated as per Is : 4253 (mark 1) - 1980 | 2657 + INSCVNES - 804. used for Hesul generation cement foundation for leding vibration voice - Rs.500/- per kg.

 Wilcox Make Silicone form A Gasket Blue pattern Khushi INR. 860 /- per tins of 500 grams.

Industrial Grade Silicone makes gaskets and fills large gaps between welding parts cures to a rough Flexible rubber Temperature 500 F resists cracking G and shrinking works on Metal Machinery, Plastics, Glass Rubber & fabrics. (RTV Compound)



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