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Wilcox make : Heavy duty tube cutter model No. 888 wheel type with replaceable roller and blade cutter should be provide with extra large handle for quick adjustments with 12 nos. Cutter size: 1/8” to 1-1/4” INR. 20,000/- per set. Tube/- per set . Tube Bonder 6 to 21.5 INR. 30,000/- Per Set.

Tubing cutter 3-32 MM (1/8” – 1.14”) cuts copper, brass aluminium tubing and tin wall conduit upto 1.1/4” (32 mm) 1) Extra cutter in konb. 2) Heavy duty one pliece, slide. 3) Polished rollers for easy rotation. 4) Retractable deburring blade. Tubing cutter replacement wheel. Hardened alloy steel cutting wheel. Maximum 6 mm thickness wail of pipes.

1. Position Cutter so that blade is making contact at desire cutting point. Do not overtighten.

2. Rotate cutter once. Tighten knob and repeat until tubing is cut.

3. Remove inside and outside burrs Care: Use care when closing time cutter not to advance the roller into contact with cutting wheel. Keep clean periodically lubricate threads roller and cutter wheel with light grade oil.

    Wilcox Make Screw / Tap extractor set model No. 990 for size 1/4” to ¾” to maximum depth of   1” complete set with \drills, extractors turns nuts drill goinds etc. Packed in Box as set INR. 13,000/-   per set.

Wilcox make screw/ Tap extractor set for ¼” to ¾” to maximum depth of 1” complete set model no. 990 with drills , extractors turn nuts drill goinds etc.

   Wilcox Make scaling compound rsg fuzzy pattern 0414 (E2D) INSCV / OPC / 18, Rs. 1800/- Per kg.

calcium carbonate ceramic fibre 6 to 12 mm long + machine oil paste applied is mild steel flamge joint.not flow during application - Ovying time 18 hours. at room tempertime no leakage of sveam oil from flamges sealing.

  Wilcox Make Khusin 202 pattern PTFE spray INR. 7000/- per bottle of 900 ml. (Part A 300 ml. + Part C 300 ml. with steam gun)

Translucent bounded coating with extremely low coefficient of friction ( + = 0.02 to 0.04) for dry non standing long term lubrication of areas of low to medium loads. Slide tracks, Slide tracks, Sliding doors, Hopper window mechanism, furniture hinges. In device and machines of textile, food beverage medicine and home appliance industry, in precision mechanics optics and office machines, Apply thin and evenly to degresed surface from a distance of 15cm. Excellent adhesion even on smooth surfaces. Non staining extremely low coefficient of friction. Reduces friction and wear. (Heat sinterded paint.)

    Wilcox make IS 7509 : 1993 Thormal Insulating Cement Hydraulic Powder in BDG of 20 kg, Materials Types I; II; III

Type I - 3500C Temprature Rosisting for Honting Metalic surface cement Rs.188/- per kg.
Type II - 7500C Temprature Rosisting for Honting Metalic surface cement Rs. 288/- per kg.
Type III - 9500C for Rosisting temprature for Honting metalic surface cement Rs. 388/- per kg.
Dry covorich capicity m2x1 cm (Type I,II) for 100 kg 17.5 (m2x1 cm)layer Type III - covaring capacity 14(m2x1 cm), Volume change shrinkage - 25% for type (Type I,II), Volume change shrinkage - 30% for Type III, Thormal conductivity w|mk-ma - Type (I+II) is 0.11, Thormal conductivity W|mk-ma - Type III is 0.20. Linex shrinkage in length or service temprature (Type I - is 2), (Type II - is 3), (Type III - is 3).

 1. “WILMOLITE” Insulation plaster of pairs in Bag Rs. 35/- per kg.“WILMOLITE” Resine Bonded Glass Wool  2. Matters (2 mtr. x 2 mtr. 2” thick) Rs.4641/45 per Sq. Mtr.
 3. “WILMOLITE” Fiber Glass matterss with one side wire netting size.
     (2 mtr. x 2 mtr 1” thick) Rs. 3750/- per Sq. Mtr. Ceramic Rs. 6800/- per Sq. Mtr. Is 8183 : 1993
   a) Fire Clay (Unburnt) INR. 2500/- per bag of 25 kg. self moldable insulation more then1000 C high Tempreture boiler    with water at room temperature ( 6 hrs.) pot life . (Refractory cement)

    b) Fiber Clay ( Motor) INR. 2500/- per bag of 25 kg. for jointing gap of insulation furnace Boiler     block founder mixing  with water at room temperature more then 1000 C (Refractory cement)

    c) Thermo Block for intrernal wale insulation Boiler furrance more then 1000 C (Resisting type 500 (L) mm    x 150 mm (W) x  50 mm (Thick) in Box of 12 Pc. INR. 5000/- per Box 12 Pcs.

    d) Wilcox make suracid Liquid remote to join above Thermo Block of insulation in 20 ltrs. Tin (    100 Box each of 12 pcs. Of Thermo Block require 35 Tin of 20 ltrs Liquid ) INR. 5000/- per Tin of 20    ltrs.

    e) Wilcox make Glass Wool white (cover type ) for 700 C resisting mattressi 10 mtr long x 1 mtr (    width) x 25mm    (Thick) – INR. 5000/- roll of 10 mtr. long.


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