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   Wilcox make SS316 or SS 304 material stainless steel mk vii remoteLevel gauage boiler indicator igema type + condensor pot ( i & ii ) + filter coloum (i&ii) with ibr certificate + 4 bottle of 500 gram wilcox make red remote flude INR. 250000/00 per set INR. 20000/- per no.

1) Installation eraction and construction of above remote leavel Indicator wilcox make.

 (A) Boiler tank existing your leavel indicator modification to be done by Your installing gate value (1) + gatevalue(2)
at steam water pipe line to be done by your engineer boiler pipe dig od 22 mm x id 12.5 mm dig require mtr. To be purchased by you. Gate – close value (1) + gate valve (2) condensor horizontal

 (B) To be fitted at steam pipe line boiler tank leavel as shown in the one Picture, (a) horizontal condensor bottom flange and (c) to be connected vertically to the hexagonal not comleting end (d) and one more flange end (e) and one more flange end (e) to be connected by pipe (f) ball t-valve vertical upper cally boiler pipe by 22 mm id x 12mm&d to the hexagonal nut compling of water upper end filter (o) as shown in the picture. Down end of filter (k)
steam line coloum pipe of 1 mtr.

2)To be connect as upper end of wilcox make ss 316 remote leavel at ground floor indicator shown figer q.

  • Operation & maintenance manual :
  • Connect boiler pipe line work on our instrument as above.
  • Close gate valve (1) at steam pipe line at boiler drum level.
  • Close gate valve (2) at water pipe line at boiler drum leave.
  • Close steam valve (u) + water valve(t) + middle valve (s) + drain valve ( r) at ground filter leave remote indicate instrument.
  • Open middle valve s of x wilcox make red remote indicator instrument open plug (v) to remote and leave indicator at ground drum then pour red remote fluid wilcox make until it overflow we offer 4 bottle of remote fluid for this remote leave indicator instrument then close plug (v) and close middle valve (s) of remote leavel indicator.
  • Open (d) stopper of horizontal condesor (b) at boiler tank upper end of these remote system and pour water inside this horizantal condensor unit it overflow this water is at room temperature it will filled upto water valve (t) & system valve(u) then close stopper after water overflow of horizantal condensor (a).
  • Open at gate valve (1) + gate (2) or water steam line steam valve to remote leave indicator instrument ground floor and water line valve of remote indicator (t) and drum leave valve situated .
  • After 5 minute remote red remote fluid from drain valve (4) 3/4 red column inside remote indication to be seen as 3/4” water column to be seen at boiler tank leave insulation then drain valve (r) to be closed.
  • Filter plug (m) & filter plug (n) to be open clean monyhly once all dirt part will come down after stoppage of valve steam gate valve (1) + (2) water gate not at boiler r tank + steam valve (u) + water valve (t) closed together for maintance of filter.
  • wilcox make red remote fluid we can supply you as a ready stock any other parts we can supply you at extra cost

    SS 316 OR SS 304


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